Simplicity-In-Seeing is a subscription-based educational and mentoring platform dedicated to the art of seeing. This special photography resource is based on a one-of-a-kind photography program designed from the ground up by seasoned photographer, writer and blogger, Olaf Sztaba.

While most photography offerings are centered on technical know-how, Simplicity-In-Seeing focuses on a personal approach to photography, creativity, mastering composition skills, exploring natural light and connecting and interacting with the subject. The platform provides you with exclusive guides to the most magnificent photography locations in North America. Instead of wasting time and money trying to find great locations and subjects, you can focus on photography and stand out from the crowd with your unusual imagery.

Most importantly, Simplicity-In-Seeing helps photographers from all walks of life to rekindle their passion and experience the real joy of photography. Did we mention creating exceptional imagery?!

Simplicity-In-Seeing is aimed both at aspiring and medium-level photographers but even advanced-level photographers find it a path to greater creativity.

Each month there are postings in seven main categories:

ON THE ROAD – Olaf and Kasia Sztaba have traveled extensively around North America in search of wonderful photographic locations. In this section, they will share with you these amazing locations including preparation, gear tips, the best spots to photograph, maps, hotel information, etc. Many of these places are off the beaten track but visually appealing. This section alone will save you time and money when you are travelling to take fresh and unusual photos.

STREET CORNER – street photography is not only an essential part of visual storytelling but it also helps to enhance your seeing, break your routine and encourage you to reconnect with people. In this section you will find everything to make your street photography more interesting: connection, composition and lighting. Olaf’s approach to shooting on the street will help you to make your street photography stress-free and enjoyable.

COMPOSITION AND LIGHTING – these are the essential components in crafting a great image, unfortunately often overshadowed by the common Photoshop obsession. In this section you will find clearly communicated ways to compose, simplify the frame and design a winning image. Olaf and Kasia will share their thought process of composing a great image with many examples and accompanied notes and drawings. You will also learn how to use available light to create the most impact.

OFF THE CUFF – exactly what the name says – the authors will share with you their thoughts on photography, whether it is the latest online controversy, random thoughts, exciting news or just a passionate rant. Expect unexpected but highly educational and fresh material.

GEAR AND TECHNICAL BITS – yes, this is the section all about gear. However, don’t expect total-waste-of-time camera pixel peeping comparisons. Olaf and Kasia will approach this subject with an emphasis on seeing and the different ways a photographer bonds and interacts with a camera to create great imagery – lenses, cameras and post-processing all in one.

INSPIRATION AND IDEAS – we all need them. Today with the world of photography fixated on technical subjects, finding new ways to approach photography, feeling inspired and fired up, is the key to long-term success in the field.

HOW IT WAS SHOT – a single image or series of images discussed in great detail. Why take this subject? Why frame it this way? What kind of light was available? How was it processed? These are the mechanics of creating an image. It is a truly educational experience you won’t want to miss.

STRAIGHT FROM THE MAILBOX – this is where you will find letters, e-mails and questions from members.

Additional benefits for subscribers:

• Regular communication with Olaf and Kasia – as a subscriber you can interact directly and ask questions or share your experiences in photography
• Members-only discounts on e-books and training materials
• Priority notifications – members will receive early notification of all workshops and seminars
• Free access to online seminars

By visiting this page, you have already shown that the art of seeing is important to you. Let’s get going then!