Does my membership automatically renew each year?
Yes. You will receive a reminder one month before your membership is renewed.

How often does Simplicity-In-Seeing publish new material?
Several times per month – enough to keep you busy, inspired and challenged.

What kind of content I can expect?
You will find a wide range of unique photography content with a special emphasis on the process of seeing, composition, light and interaction with a subject. In the section HOW IT WAS SHOT you will be able to follow the thought process behind creating our imagery. We will share with you our travel guides and detailed maps of amazing locations, many off the beaten track. Gear recommendations and settings will occasionally be discussed.

What is your cancellation policy?
Please make sure you are committed to a one-year subscription before purchasing, as there is NO REFUND possible once your payment has been processed.

No problem, give us a shout at:


Here are 50+ reasons to subscribe:

1. Access an exclusive, one-of-a-kind photography program.
2. Be inspired by great photography.
3. Learn a creative approach to road and street photography.
4. Make street photography enjoyable and satisfying.
5. Be guided to amazing, off-the-beaten track photographic locations.
6. See detailed maps.
7. Find everything to make your photography more interesting: connection, composition and lighting.
8. Learn how to frame and compose your images.
9. See real-life examples.
10. Read the best camera reviews on the web.
11. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of a purely technical approach.
12. Gain the confidence to shoot great imagery.
13. Improve your seeing.
14. Learn how to shoot, before you even press the shutter button.
15. Simplify your post-processing.
16. Cut your computer time.
17. Learn how to shoot black and white imagery.
18. Improve your composition skills.
19. Learn how to pack for a trip.
20. Find out why simplifying your photography is important.
21. Communicate directly with Olaf and Kasia Sztaba.
22. Ask questions – get answers.
23. Have a say about the material published.
24. Learn what to avoid while travelling.
25. Spend less on gear, more on education.
26. Be inspired.
27. Challenge yourself to shoot something different.
28. Learn how to shoot with prime lenses.
29. Revisit your views about post-processing.
30. Learn how to live without Photoshop and still create great imagery.
31. Get discounts on one-of-a-kind workshops.
32. Belong to a community that cares about imagery!
33. Learn how to share images on the Internet to make a great impact.
34. Invest in your photography skills.
35. Feel good about the money spent on photography.
36. Find out how to choose a camera that works for you.
37. Learn how to select the best imagery.
38. Lose your fear of deleting images.
39. Travel with Kasia and Olaf to amazing locations.
40. Meet Kasia and Olaf in person during our get-together-times.
41. Learn how to approach strangers on the street.
42. Know your camera better.
43. Find out which lenses to buy first.
44. Learn how to pay attention to light.
45. Stop worrying about pixels.
46. Spend less money on gear.
47. Surprise your friends with your knowledge.
48. Challenge your perceptions about seeing.
49. Learn how to see in black and white.
50. Learn about backup strategies.
51. Most importantly, regain the joy of photography.